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Nobody's Child - Part I

TerritorialMale • • • Tuesday, January 31, 2006
I've known her for a long time. A sweet child. Very active and outspoken. She must have been five when we first met. She was a student in the school where I worked as a part-time teacher. There was something strange about that kid. She wasn't the kind of child whose cheeks everyone wanted to pinch but there certainly was something odd about her. For starters, she was very much at ease in the company of adults and infact avoided her own peers. Her language could have been termed as coarse. We were astounded at the ease with which she used profanity in every sentence. Our children came from all kinds of backgrounds and her's was the queerest yet. And unlike her peers, her knowledge of adult topics was also amazing. She may not have fully understood the relevance of such matters but she did have the basic idea of how things worked.

We were all in a fix as to how to handle such a child. Actually, the lady teachers were in more hot water than us since the little ones were under their tutelage. I however must add that the gravity of the situation was of utmost concern to all. So how were we to handle the situation? We got suggestions from all quarters. Some thoughtful and some outrageous. Some feasible. Some impractical. Asking her parents to the seek the services of another academy undermined our own abilities. Arranging a personal tutor for her was a good tip but it meant hiring another teacher just for her. Not a very sound investment for a small school such as ours.

We eventually decided to treat her just like the others and deal with situations as they came. We however had to closely monitor her speech. We didn't want her to have any adverse effect on others. Children learnt new words very quickly and used them with gay abandon and we most definitely didn't want irate parents come banging on our doors. So, we had her eat with the teachers during lunch-time. She ofcourse was much pleased. Her own age group was uninteresting to her and the older students would not admit her into their own. The idea was to somehow re-mould her and then carefully introduce her to others of her ilk. Every now and then, we encouraged her to interact with her own. Oblivious to them, we always had a big brother or sister keep tabs on them. As soon as she said something amiss, we were quick to pounce on them. We separated the affected and the affectee and had them disinfected. Our disciplining method was quite simple. Everytime we heard her curse, she would have to eat the next day's lunch alone. Simple and effective. Our methods worked like a charm. She learnt quickly and within a span of a few months her language had improved and her vocabulary did not require much censorship anymore.

I was particularly curious to know how she had been brought up. I later learnt the truth. Something, which was to sadden me much.

...continued next post

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Anonymous RaTaTat said...
Looking forward to the next part.
9:17 AM  
Anonymous deepti said...
Sounds like my childhood. Have you been stalking me? LOL
9:19 AM  
Anonymous JJ said...
I hope it ends well. You tend to favour the dark side of life. You piss me off sometimes.
9:25 AM  

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