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TerritorialMale • • • Thursday, March 16, 2006

I've been bitten by the Earn Money bug. It started off with Blogger's gentle cajoling to put Adsense on my blog. I have complied with my other blog and this blog will follow suit. Since blogger has been providing complimentary service, I thought, why not let them earn some money. What's the harm? Then there was this promise of a $100 bounty from Google. Will I earn it? Err, uhmmm...considering the immense popularity of my blog...not likely. Then again, what's the harm? I am sure most of us have come across ads which claim making a million dollars per annum is possible. Many claim to be doing it even in their sleep (Make money while you sleep) - and that too in large 36+ points font. Is it true? Maybe, maybe not! If it is true...well, good for them. But I still think, those ads are a tad too LOUD and takes about a month to load.

They typically begin off with the owner (so they claim) announcing how he/she made a filthy sum of money last month - in size 36+ font - and then after a lengthy polemic, the testimonials follow suit, awash with mug-shots and all. Finally, after a thorough brainwash through the testimonials, somewhere at the bottom is an ORDER NOW button. Order what? Some book/e-book which promises the secrets of a successful e-business venture painstakingly gleaned from zillions of trash on the net. There are thousands of sites as such, and considering each of those sites sell a book a day, i.e 365 books a year multiplied by those thousand sites, why hasn't someone spilled the beans? Are the readers sworn to secrecy or something? Do the Freemasons have a hand in this?

So is it possible to earn a million a year through the net? Yes, it is. Others have done it. Why can't we? All that is required is a functioning brain, a keen presence of mind, a spirit of persuasion (sometimes, arm-twisting or enticement), fresh ideas in copious quantities and being in the right place at the right time. Or in the case of blogging, placing the right ad at the right place.

Affiliate business is spreading like mould. The popular one's are Amazon, eBay and Google. The idea here is to be a member (affiliate/associate) of these businesses. They provide you with advertisements that you can paste on your site. A visitor, if interested will click on the ad and if you are lucky, will purchase the product. You get a commission, and if you have earned a certain amount, your commissions are reimbursed to you at the end of the month. Simple! Like I said, this business is spreading like bird-flue. So there are a thousand companies which offer such schemes and new one's are added every day. Most ads on this site belong to that category. Interested?

Thus, having saith that, will I maketh a mammoth commissioneth. Uhuhh...errrr....ummm. Not likely. Will I earneth $500 a month? Maybe. Keep my fingers crossed. Will I maketh $20 a month? Very possibleth provideth my viewers clicketh.

Prithee, keep on reading and I will keep you posteth. I will spilleth the beans.

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