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Eat Chicken - Very Good For You

TerritorialMale • • • Thursday, March 30, 2006

We are all aware of the recent bird flu attack on India. The H5N1 virus first emerged in the western state of Maharashtra and spread panic thereafter. Recent reports suggest that the avian flu virus has resurfaced in the central state of MP. The epidemic seems to be moving eastwards. Health authorities have been able to control the situation so far. Well done boys! We also are grateful to the overworked scientists in Bangalore. Testing samples from all over India surely must be a very hectic job. The job could not be complete without the culling of thousands of birds ofcourse. A nightmarish proposition for the PFA people, but "You've got to do what you gotta do!" - which further fuels fire to their
Go Veggie evangelism. Some people however, will not change. Incorrigible people! Namely, yours truly & family, who are die-hard carnivores.

Chicken is
safe. Chicken is good. Who says? Not I but WHO? Properly cooked poultry products are safe so they say. I wholeheartedly agree and would like to add to that. Chicken is protein. Chicken is cheap. Chicken is tasty. Our own health officials endorse the above and through various media suggest that chicken cooked at around 70°C (158°F) should be safe for good eatin'. Which also means that one should avoid barbecue for the moment. All carnivores know that barbecue meat tends to go uncooked nearer to the bones. Also avoid your favourite tandoori chicken for a while. Further, prefer boiled eggs to others. Or if you must, scrambled eggs and omelettes should be risk-free. I however cannot say likewise for fried eggs - sunny-side up - with the gooey yolk. I don't like it anyway. Moreover, all human cases of avian flu (so far) are not related to consumption. The number of human H5N1 related deaths concerned workers who were exposed to the birds and their faeces for extended periods of time. So, has the virus jumped species? Has the virus mutated? No. Not yet!

We have been eating poultry as usual. And we are still alive. Thank you! No runny noses, splitting headaches and delirious fever in our family. Period. Eat chicken I say - and try the following simple recipe:

Chicken Noodle Soup (preparation time: about 30 minutes)
2oz. (60g) noodles
3oz. (90g) chicken breasts
some shelled peas
some mushrooms chopped
some carrots chopped or stripped
7~8 cups chicken stock
Pepper and salt to taste
A little ajinomoto - MSG (monosodium glutamate)
  1. Add noodles to boiling water and boil for 5 minutes. Drain excess water. Rinse with cold water. Set aside.
  2. Slice chicken
  3. Boil chicken stock. Add meat and vegetables and cook for 3~4 minutes.
  4. Add noodles and seasoning. Simmer further for 2 minutes over medium heat.
  5. Eat
Errata: I would like to make a few corrections in the above post. Contrary to what has been said, the bird flu virus has indeed jumped species. Infact, a similar phenomenon occured years ago, in 1918. Also, the virus has mutated. On the bright side, the virus can be contained and properly cooked chicken is safe to eat. So that information still is true. The other misinformation is regreted.
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