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And So The Hunt Carries On

TerritorialMale • • • Saturday, April 15, 2006

We continue with the Easter Treasure Hunt series leaving behind a trail of deciphered clues. Imagine a few hundred years from now when we will be able to travel the wide open expanse of the skies in search of other worlds. Won't that be a huge treasure hunt of some sorts? Will we have to battle iron-fisted extraterrestrial dictators and an army of bloodthirsty critters? Maybe, but I should be safe in my nuclear powered titanium spaceship. Back to earth. Right now I have something else to do. Someone has been messing around with my computer. Can't wait till I locate that idiot and pelt him with hot potatoes. On the other hand, I can get myself a plethora of ruthless weapons and irradicate that mischievous imp. Yeah! I think that is a better idea. Yipee! Duck hunting season has come to SedVitae.

This investigative tracking has given me a lot of leads and goodies. A few more of them and I shall have enough to set up shop.

...the hunt concludes tomorrow

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