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Free MP3 for classical lovers

TerritorialMale • • • Saturday, April 29, 2006

Indulge yourself in these musical masterpieces. There are umpteen music scoresheets to choose from and for almost any instrument. What started off as a research tour to look for scoresheets for my guitarist brother, threw up a lot of hidden gems. Mind you it took me hours to sift through the rubble to produce classical pieces of worth. There are umpteen MP3s as well.

For starters, here is a site which is true to its name. Download free music scoresheets and accompanying MIDI or MP3s files. All the scoresheets are in PDF so you might need a reader to view them. Its a virtual store-house. If you are finicky about classical guitar music, you can visit a professional master's site. The home page is huge and may take time to load, especially if you are on dial-up, but it is worth the wait. Further search produced valuable links for those who swear by Bach. Mutopia Project is dedicated to music and very similar to the Gutenberg Project, which ofcourse is dedicated to literature though you may find some music here too. Finally, this very informative site has a little something for everybody. Classicals, originals, MP3s, original movie soundtracks and some reviews. Apart from being free, I found a few of these music sheets to be in the public domain which means you may modify, distribute or make copies without worrying about copyright infringement.

This has been a rewarding search indeed.

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Blogger David said...
Thanks! These are great resources!

The BBC often has some good downloads, as well. Last summer, for a limited time, they offered downloads of new BBC Symphony performances of all Beethoven's symphonies. Massive mp3 files. Very credible performances.
6:13 AM  

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