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Evil Spammers

TerritorialMale • • • Thursday, May 18, 2006

I should have written this long time ago. It concerns a serious offence in the internet world today, aka spamming. Spamming has been controlled to some degree by a few edicts but, as we all know, no law is deterrent enough for hardened criminals. Thus we continue to receive unsolicited mail. Spam promoting products, get-rich-quick schemes, stocks, replica watches, etc. though very vexing seems pardonable when compared to those that contain viruses, spy-ware and key-loggers. These usually come as attachments and should not be opened at any cost. I have been receiving these persistent buggers for some time now and it can all be traced to that one fateful day when I decided to send a friend an e-card through 123Greetings.com.

I have been receiving these horrible emails ever since with very beguiling subject-lines such as ‘Hello’, ‘Earn money’, ‘Hi’ and so on. Not one to be easily outsmarted, I have never dared to take a peek at the attachments that follow besides my email service provider has also correctly sensed them to contain viruses. These emails are difficult to block because 123Greetings.com uses the hundreds of email addresses of unsuspecting users like me to send through proxy. I was horrified when I received one such email from my own address. More so when I received one from another cautioning me against mailing viruses (in not particularly beautiful language). The only way to block these emails, I presume, is through the IP address though I am not aware of any email service provider that does just that. Any information is welcome on this front. Sadly now, this particular inbox is unusable.

I am not the kind to jump to conclusions. Oh yes, I am not. So, just to give 123Greetings.com the benefit of doubt, I tried a simple test. I opened up another email account and I decided to send myself a greeting card through 123Greetings.com to this brand new address. Presto! The trick worked. I now receive spam at this address that no one else knows save but I and 123Greetings.com. On closer inspection, I traced the sending IP address to the Middle-East (UAE).

I am now doubly confirmed, 123Greetings.com emails viruses. Beware of 123Greetings.com. Don’t send e-cards through 123Greetings.com and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Spread the word. I want this caveat to show up on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Dogpile and the like. There are a zillion other similar unpleasant sites. Fellow bloggers, let us fight back.

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