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Hot Rodding your PC

TerritorialMale • • • Tuesday, May 23, 2006
What do you think this is? A microphone used by the gyrating King of Pop? Think again. Believe it or not, it is a computer. Another trivia. What is the case made of? Aluminum! Wrong again. It is made of wood and it’s ingenious creator is Jeffrey Stephenson. Computer modification or ‘modding’ is all a rage nowadays. Clever geeks are coming up with newer and flashier designs. Some of them, like the microphone above, are so cleverly disguised that it difficult to pass them off as a humble PC at first glance. Take the case of this retro 1960s~70s style radio PC designed (again) by Jeffrey.

Computer ‘modding’ was initiated by gamers who were ever trying to get more out of their PCs. It first started of as little tricks or hacks to impress their fellows, such as custom paint jobs, addition of accessories and over-clocking, which in essence is augmenting the speed of a PC by little tweaks on the motherboard. Over-clocking has now gone mainstream and anybody who’s somebody with a PC can do it. Then came, see-through cases, LED and neon lights to spruce up the boring towers or cabinets. Lately it is water-cooling systems, LCD processor temperature displays, touch-sensitive drives, et cetera. The possibilities are inexhaustible. Computer modification is a booming business and presently even conventional PC manufacturers are joining in. What was ‘hot-rodding’ in the 1970s is ‘modding’ today.
Water Cooling Kit

So do you want to give it a shot? All that is required is some ingenuity, some knowledge of hardware (or how a PC is put together), a few coppers to spare and plenty of time to carry out the task. Are you game? Get those rusty carpenter’s tools out and build yourself a simple wooden computer or if you want to try something simpler still, how about custom painting your computer. And don’t forget to turn off the PC while you are at it.

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Blogger David said...
My most extreme "mod" of a case todate has been rather mod-est. Yeh, not extreme at all. I simply used mahogany veneer all over. Did the same to rthe keyboard (well, except for the keys, which fortunately were already a nice black). Other cases have been less extereme even. Not much of a mod guy, here. Oh, yeh, I used some of that mahogany to veneer the bay covers on another case and did a "faux leather" paint tratment on the rest of the case (fits in well with the living room furniture), but that's soooo unextreme, eh?


The most extreme I have contemplated is taking a block of oak I have sitting around that's just the right size to whittle down and put the guts of a redeye mouse in. Just might do that... someday.

But yeh, still UNextreme.
5:53 AM  

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