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Of LIfe, Autocrats and The Bottomless Pit

TerritorialMale • • • Monday, May 29, 2006
Her story touched my heart. This sweet little cheerleader found God and much more, leaving me much to ponder about. The slide show celebrating her life was equally moving. There is only one reason why she had to go so young. I think God needed a cheerleader in his squad too.
Requiescat in pace, Staci Stephens.

At the other end of the spectrum are people who have not found or are seeking God. Their letters to God are both amusing and emotive. Then there are those who show us a glimpse of paradise through the muzzle of a gun. Good to see that a few have discovered that it is the wrong apparatus for the purpose. It is a step in the right direction and the outcome of the efforts of these brave young souls.

Now, see where this autocrat has landed up for his despotic follies. Thanks for the link, J. Bowen.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
hey ... this is Staci's Stephen's best friend ... just stumbled upon your bolg here and wanted to get in contact. AIM sn is ###### [edited]... i'd love to hear from you!
5:35 AM  
Blogger TerritorialMale said...
Thank you for your comments. It must be very difficult to lose a dear friend.
Thanks for dropping by.
(BTW I do not use AOL & I have edited your comments to prevent misuse of your AIM sn from this blog.)
5:44 AM  

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