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Open Trackback Post - Featuring the OTA

TerritorialMale • • • Friday, May 12, 2006
If you still are not a member of the Open Trackback Alliance (OTA) then you are missing something. A lot of things actually. What is the OTA? Why should I join? What is there in it for me? Samantha Burns will answer all these and much more.

Without much ado I present to you all the bloggers who are featuring Open Trackback posts today. Leaning Straight Up, Stray Dog, Macbros' Place, Gospel Fiction, Comedian Jenee, Woman Honor Thyself, The Conservative Cat, Don Surber, NIF, Right Wing Nation, Colbert Report and imagine kitty magazine.

The following trackbacked the previous OTA post here at Sed Vitae: 123Beta, Dane Bramage, Tors Rants, Planck's Constant. Or you can visit Linkfest for a more extensive list.

I do not follow a regular regimen while blogging. However, for the sake of keeping my commitments to the OTA, I will host an open trackback every Thursday or Friday. Samantha Burns, on the other hand, has booked me for Thursdays. So I will probably not feature on today's list. Now if only Sam would have me booked for both days. This is my OTA post for this week. So feel free to trackback this post.
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Blogger David said...
"feel free to trackback this post"

OK, how? No trackback link. The only way I know of to do trackbacks with Blogger blogs is to use Haloscan. It provides a trackback link (and advanced commenting features if you want those as well.)

I guess I can leave a URL to a post here in comments and you could then edit your post to show it on your front page. That's a lot of work, but it's the only way I see that you can do that. So, here goes:

NSA Kerffufle Redux"

"Well, the usual suspects—Jean Fraud sKerry, Dianne Feinstein, Teddy “Swimmer” Kennedy and all the denisens of Demoncrappic Underpants and the like are baying at the moon over Michael Hayden’s nomination to head the CIA..."
2:38 PM  

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