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Survey Results

TerritorialMale • • • Thursday, June 01, 2006
Survey Results
I had asked if my blog needed a facelift fifteen days ago. The response to that survey was overwhelming and a whopping seven (yes, seven) people managed to vote. Very reminiscent of any democracy. People want it but forget to vote. Nevertheless, I am grateful to all who voted.
The decision is pretty much split between those who want a design change but not the colour scheme and those who want a new colour scheme but the same design. All right people, I can take a hint. Opera users seem to be having some issues with the present get-up too. Thanks David for pointing that out. Expect an overhaul in the near future.
I have been scouting around for new design templates for my blog. I have found quite a few. Have a look at these great free templates for Blogger and others. (Beth should be pleased with this). Don’t expect me to copy paste any of them. Whole scale plagiarizing is not my forte, free or not. Instead I will settle on one of the designs, learn the layout and techniques and aim to design my own. Everything, including the code will be mine. Thank you.

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Blogger Tor said...
Check out blogskins.com for template ideas. I modified one of the more basic templates there for my own blog.

Good luck, and have fun!
6:27 PM  
Blogger TerritorialMale said...
@tor: Thanks for the tip.
10:08 PM  
Anonymous web designer in uk said...
Gorgeous ideas,i will bookmark this blog on social bookmarking sites.
4:29 AM  

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