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TerritorialMale • • • Saturday, July 08, 2006

It is finally presentable! I've spent the last four days testing my design on various platforms, viz. Firefox, IE and Opera with interesting conclusions. Another thing, testing your design on your computer is one thing and verifying if Blogger accepts it is quite another. The design had come a long way since its inception as a doodle on a scrap of paper and I was immensely pleased. In my opinion, the concept passed in each of the browsers I use. "Not bad for a first attempt at tableless holy grail design," I kept repeating to myself boastfully. I was completely flummoxed when once on the system, the design failed miserably. The painstaking pixel-by-pixel measurement disintegrated completely. Something had gone terribly, terribly wrong. Strange, my layout wasn't supposed to do the splits! A thorough scrutiny ensued, a line at a time. Nothing! A test on my computer proved nothing but the same code copy-pasted into Blogger produced ghastly results. Just when I was about flog myself with a bunch of French beans, the culprit was discovered in the guise of empty divs that Blogger generates for reasons unknown to me. Horrible, horrible divs and my three-column layout was anything but three-column. I was now in damage control mode - carefully nudging the columns into place but the outcome was inconsistent. While it seemed to work for one browser, others literally threw up.

To cut the story short - after much hair plucking - I can now take it easy. Only a few things remain to be done, those little extras that a blog should have. They can be done at leisure. The design shows up fairly consistently on most browsers so I am willing to share my design (if you care) under an Open Design License. You can write to me at Mail and please do mention 'Blog Design' in the subject line. Also, corrections are welcome, moreso improvements. With due respects, I however will not do troubleshooting. You are on your own once you get the code. Thank you!

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Anonymous Hiren said...
Design can make a difference. Style should complement substance.
10:23 AM  

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