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India Bans Bloggers

TerritorialMale • • • Thursday, July 20, 2006

I was wondering for days, why on earth I could not access any blogs (including my own). It apparently is the Indian government’s doings. All popular blogging domains have been deliberately blocked. A high-handed retaliation to the recent Mumbai blasts. I count myself lucky that I can still post, though I cannot say for sure if it has been published because I cannot read my own writing. We have not had any official announcements as of now but if the press is to be believed, a few moronic bloggers have been issuing anti-India statements and lambasting its policies on all fronts. A few have even gone a step further so as to praise the perpetrators of the heinous seven blasts that rocked Mumbai. Thus, this!

Much as I value democratic principles, especially the right to freedom of speech, I cannot commend such remarks at this juncture. ‘There is a time and place for everything’ as the popular adage goes. About two hundred lives were lost, many more seriously maimed for life both physically and psychologically, others were very moved at the carnage, the country is seeking clues and motives and much of India (especially Mumbai) submerged under a deluge even after all this…yes, this is not the right time! The gory details are still too fresh. But then again, what do bigots care?

I am not protesting this time, as long as it is temporary

It is very true that one’s Right to Freedom of Expression and Right to Information have been seriously violated but I am not protesting this time, as long as it is temporary and I can keep posting. For how long I can maintain this state, I cannot say. At present my commiserations are fully upon the victims and that should keep me engaged for some time. But that does not mean that I endorse this interventionist policy.

As for the bombers and their consorts….. It is such a pity that I do not have a word of advice nor a reprimanding caution for them. Suddenly I am dumb. Now, if that happens to a few more, then they should know that they have toiled for nothing and not a single convert has been won over to their side. It would be better to quit than to labour for no results. Men (and women) such as these say that they are working for higher goals but in my simplistic and academic overview of things – how can one guarantee success on Graduation Day when one has rebelled in the sophomore years? Any answers?

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