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Old Things Must Make Way For The New

TerritorialMale • • • Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Every year around this time the monsoons sweep across India bringing with it good tidings of a bountiful harvest. The rustic denizens of thousands of villages raise their eyes heavenward in expectant search of tiny flecks dispersed across the azure. And in an opportune moment, they converge, hold council and decide which part of India shall be blessed and which cursed. Thus has been the ways for generations.
When the rains finally do arrive, the dull browns give way to fresh greens, expediting a new lease of life once more. The air is rife with a sweet earthy odour that no perfumery in Europe can replicate. Old things must make way for the new, and so shall it be here.
I much needed a break after a gruelling month. I was both physically and mentally spent as is the case with anyone preparing for a test - only mine was extended over a fortnight. Particularly agonizing was the hectic schedule I had to keep almost every alternate day which included a 3 hours drive down the mountainous terrain to Siliguri (where my testing centre is located), write my exam in the 30+ ° C sweltering heat and then commute back again from the plains to the cool hills. Also, the profound effect the difference in climate in the two regions had on my migraines needs special mention. I am glad that I've seen the last of my Master in Computer Sciences course. And here ends my academic pursuits.
A phase of my life has just ended and I am anticipating a shower of blessings on my life too.

...the new design is still a work in progress...

I was the only among my posse of buddies who had a reason enough to celebrate - but sadly couldn't. So there I was among the sombre lads hypocritically donning an expression of disdain, albeit reluctantly. I finally weaned myself away from the depressive society when the mood got a bit too much to take. With no congratulatory tunes for me I took it upon myself to celebrate in my own special way. I finally wound up in a nondescript tea-stall and had a celebratory cuppa and buttered toasts.
The next two days were mine without doubt, and then it was back to handling the family business - the best intermediary support system the Indian joint family has to offer before I make it on my own. I spent the days reading a few of my favourite blogs and deciding to re-design my own. As you can see the new design is still a work in progress.

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